On The Farm

Work Ethic

The work aspect of the program is year round but a more focused summer program consists of three 3-5 hour workdays per a week. Working side-by-side with BoysGrow staff and volunteer farmers, the youth do everything associated with running a successful small scale farm, from picking tomatoes and weeds to tending to the chickens. These Young Men are compensated for their work on the Farm and have the opportunity to earn their first paycheck. And with their first job comes the expectation for the youth to show up on time, in uniform, and they are held accountable for their work-ethic.

In The Stores

Producing Entrepreneurs

The business aspect of BoysGrow strives to inform the youth that the worlds of business, marketing, and banking are traits and skills that can be cultivated and learned. The BoysGrow worker is involved in every process associated with getting their products in restaurants and stores.

Fresh BoysGrow Produce

Our Fresh BoysGrow Produce is sold to a select few local Restaurants in Kansas City. The youth are paired into teams and assigned particular restaurants. They wear their BoysGrow business shirts and establish working relationships with local restaurants managers, while selling their produce and promoting the BoysGrow name.


Each class is required to come up with a product that will be sold in local grocery stores. The product will involve our farm grown ingredients and the youth will create, market, distribute and sell their chosen product.

Boys Grow Avocado Hot Sauce



Avocado Hot Sauce







B-G-Q Sauce



BoysGrow Ketchup Lable


Agave Ketchup




Salsa Orgullo


Professional Mentorship Program

Community Supported – Staff Guided – Youth Driven

The young men who work for BoysGrow are BoysGrow! They do everything associated with running a farm and small business. The youth, based on interest and necessity, work with community volunteers and staff in regards to every aspect of the program. A web design volunteer works directly with the BoysGrow web design team and collaborates on keeping the website fresh. This along with Sales, Marketing, Public Relations, Special Farming, Public Speaking etc…teams are comprised of the youth the staff and volunteers. The BoysGrow worker is involved in the smallest function of planting seeds to the professional aspect of meeting with local restaurants or public speaking.