Our 1st Farm to Table Dinner was a big hit.


Thanks to everybody who was able to attend and supported us including Lidias KC & Lidia Bastianich.

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 ”The 2014 Avocado Hot Sauce has arrived” 

Av. Hot Sauce

“This product is a Game Changer,” Lindsay Laricks owner of Little Freshie.


BoysGrow is a not-for-profit agency providing mentoring, entrepreneurship skills, and positive male role-models for inner-city boys ages 12-15. BoysGrow literally broke ground in the Spring of 2010 and is a year round farming and business program supporting the youth by providing valuable personal and business tools while cultivating and selling our products.

The program is volunteer supported, staff guided, but youth driven. The Program strives, with staff guidance and direction, for the boys to take pride in their crops and products to ensure the success of the program. This will in return create self-pride, identity, and belonging, not only for the youth to the concept of the BoysGrow name but to himself and his fellow workers and the positive and successful environment they have created.


The mission of BoysGrow is to take an inner-city boy and open his eyes to the possibilities and realities of entrepreneurship. BoysGrow uses Farming and Agriculture as the vehicle to instill pride, identity, discipline, and an understanding of the Business World

Core Principles of C.P.R.

Commitment: A two-year commitment is required to join the program and will signify the necessary commitment to yield a successful harvest, product, and community.
Pride: The youth taking pride in his crops, his product, his program, his co-workers, and himself.
Respect: Installing a rooted sense of respect for his co-workers, his crops and customers.

BoysGrow Salsa Orgullo is currently being sold at participating stores More Info



2014-15 BoysGrow Landscaping Crew